Are cats controlling our behaviour? Is the internet becoming a tool for cats? Why do so many smart, intelligent people feel compelled to post pictures of their cats. What’s with this new LoL Cat craze? I seek to uncover the truth.


Cat Insanity

Prime example of the insanity that cats can induce people to do.

via the b3ta newsletter

Why do non cat lovers not find the walrus lol cat funny?

Why? Because non-infected people are not infected by the animal. There is no control making the internet user friendier to the animal. Cat-controlled humans think the walrus is funny because they are controlled by the cat. It deflects attention away from the cat! – A walrus is funny exactly because it shines a light on the whole lol cat phenomena.

bukkits + wulrus = no threat to species

Obviously, the creator of this semi-humourous website is acting on some kind of intuition. Perhaps it’s a human survival reaction to the parasite / symbiotic control of the cat.

From: http://www.catswhothrowupgrass.com/kill.php

Cat GPS. Cat Cams

From Zoomdoogle. I come across this marvellous site, invention, gadget: http://www.mr-lee-catcam.de/ct_index_en.htm

What this chap is doing is selling a little gadget that will track your cat as it goes about its business.

It can also be set up with a camera and gprs device to send back location to the server.

Madness. Cats are invading locative industries now. If ever there was a good example of using the internet to demarcate feline territory.

I do love it though šŸ™‚ . They sell for about 35 Euro.

Check out his cat cam pictures. These are real interesting to see what these animals see as they go about their business.

Also, from Flickr:


He got his thing from http://global.mobileaction.com/product/product_i-gotU_USB.jspĀ  (which appears to be look like the same device)

cats on twitter


There are many cats who are on twitter.

Some of these, of course are their human owners “pretending” to be their cats. But it goes deeper. They are enacting the wishes of their cats. By being influenced by the parasites that exist in each entity, the human and cat are symbiotic with the parasite. By publishing the tweets, the cat reaches a wider influence. It is territorial, and advertisable. The cats control human behaviour, and alter human culture. All facets of technology are used.

Origins: Apparently: http://twitter.com/sockington Sockington was the first, he was recommended by biz, one of the twitter staff.

Next post: An analysis as to the content of the tweets. Perhaps we can find some indications.

operation nice

Be kind to people. Be aware of cats, and approach them consciously. Practice random acts of kindness.
Be nice to your cat, but observe your behaviourĀ  – why do you do the things you do?
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